1206 motorcycles left the Ural factory in 2013. 1151 (95%) of them were exported. 98% of the production were sidecar bikes, and only 2% – solos.

604 motorcycles were sold retail in the US. US is the largest market for Ural motorcycles, followed by Germany, France, Canada and Australia.

428 or 71% of total US sales were 2wd models (Gear-Up, Patrol, Patrol T), with Gear-Ups making up for almost half of the total sales. Ural T was the third most popular model with 77 bikes sold in the US in 2013.

138 Forest Fog Gear-Ups were sold in the US, making this color the most popular in the US market. The next two most popular colors were flat black and Gobi camouflage.

99 motorcycles were sold retail by our largest dealer in the US – Ural of New England. The list of five top-selling Ural dealers also includes TriQuest Motorcycles and Sidecars, Heindl Engineering, Raceway Ural and Holopaw Ural.

73 Ural motorcycles were sold in the state of California, the largest market for Urals in the US. Other markets in the top five list are Texas (43 units), Florida (39), New York (35) and Washington (29). In 2013 Urals were sold in all US states except for North Dakota. Alaska with 12 bikes sold has become the densest Ural populated territory in the US (per capita).

51 is the average age of Ural customer. In the last five years an average Ural customer has become 1.5 year younger. 22 is the age of the youngest Ural customer and 85 – of the oldest. Every seventh Ural customer is 35 year old or younger.

20 Ural T were delivered from IMZ to we cannot say where to participate we cannot say in what. Stay tuned!

12 Urals were delivered on Friday, December 13th.

8 percent of Ural customers were women, an increase from 5.6% in 2010.

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12 Responses to 2013 By the Numbers

  1. Redcat says:

    Sochi for the Olympics

  2. Dave Rekow says:

    0, North Dakota

  3. Mark O says:

    I 2nd Redcat’s guess.

  4. Terry says:

    Why no mention of the number of Retros?

  5. Deb G. says:

    I’m going for used in the filming of “The Monuments Men.”

  6. Charles R. says:

    The populous demands that it is Sochi for the Olympics…. You must make it happen now!

  7. John 3:30 says:

    I agree with those who guess: either Russia for the Olympics or the movie, “The Monuments Men.” (looks like a great movie)

  8. Charles R. says:

    If the bikes in “The Monuments Men” are
    Patrols, they are very heavily modified patrols based on the screen shots I’ve seen.

  9. Deb G. says:

    It says 20 Ural Ts were delivered, a quote from Ural’s own description of the T: “it is also a fantastic canvas to personalize, so that you can create your own, and unique sidecar motorcycle.” I’m still pulling for The ments Men.

  10. Dan Fox says:

    Now that we have all seen the 20 fire truck red Urals hauling the sports gods around the stadium in the opening ceremonies, what is to become of them? Here’s hoping that they find their way to the market!

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