Canine Co-pilot


Canine Co-Pilot

See how Ural owners adventure with their favorite sidekicks.

Coffee run, with a pet store pit stop. Toni and Bodi on their Patrol.
Photos: @chrismacaskill

Room for 3 (or 4)

Micaiah and Rhymes on their Gear Up with loyal co-pilots.
Photos: @motorcity83 // @aweri

Mom, what's the hold up?

Becca and Vedauwoo exploring Montana on their Gear Up.
Photo: Jenny Linquist

Riding together since the puppy days.

Weston and Mallory explore with their cT and chocolate lab, Porter.
Photos: @westonwalker

3 Wheels, 2 Pals, 1 Tail

Melissa and her German Shepherd, Dante, have spent the last year touring the U.S. on their Gear Up.
Follow @3wheels2pals1tail for more of their adventures!

Who Will You Share Your Adventure With?

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Gear Up

  • 2WD
  • Starting at $15,999


  • 2WD
  • Starting at $15,599


  • 1WD
  • Starting at $12,999