Meet Hubert - 10 Years of Travel


Meet Hubert, exploring the world with his Ural.

He has visited over 100 countries, circled the globe 3 times, and ridden every type of terrain.

This past year he successfully climbed the world's highest road in the Himalayas, all on his sidecar.

Khardungla Pass
The highest road in the world.

Hubert rode the highest motorable road in the world, Khardungla Pass in the Himalayas. His GPS tracked it to 17,610 ft, they claim 18,380, but hey who's counting?

Climbing Khardungla I mainly stayed in 2nd gear, shifting down to 1st on the steeper grades. I adjusted my carbs for the altitude (Main Jet 118, Idle Jet 38) which allowed me to ride the full pass without disconnecting the air filter. Hubert

What has he learned while traveling by sidecar?

Prepare for UDF (Ural Delay Factor), the bike tends to attract crowds.

Be able to introduce yourself in the native language.

Hubert always has business cards, phrase books and hand written translations on his gas tank. One side in English, the other in the local language of the area.

Local markets always have the best food.

Travel Tip: Always have a secret stash of olive oil in your sidecar.

Learn to love the weather.

Make new friends and don't hesitate to ask for directions.

Always enjoy the ride, and embrace any wrong turns.

The Timeless Ride

Learn more about Hubert's travels on his blog, He has hundreds of stories from the past 12 years of traveling the world by sidecar!

Next stop, New Zealand!

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