Meet Our Factory Team


Meet the team that perfects Ural's off-road capability.

Northern Toshemka River Run

This year we had our eyes set for mountain passes and river runs. Our team set out for Northern Toshemka with 4 Urals from the factory floor. Anticipating 3-5 feet of water at any given crossing we routed the airbox intake into the sidecar trunk and equipped each bike with our 2-in-1 high-up exhaust.

Vladimir Kurmachev our factory general manager water testing a 2WD Patrol.

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2WD Incline Test

Lead Designer Dmitry Kukarskikh testing 2WD climbing capability.

Victor Osintsev – Chief of Engineering

Watch our team take to the water.

Tested Models

Gear Up

  • 2WD
  • Starting at $15,999


  • 2WD
  • Starting at $15,599


  • 1WD
  • Starting at $12,999