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17 Responses to Sidecars & Snow: A Mountain Ride with Gear Patrol

  1. Dave says:

    I really enjoyed that video!
    Nicely done!

  2. Pekka says:

    Fantastic video. Really captures the feeling of the bike.
    Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a guest appearance
    From Mr Cob!!! I just picked up a 2008 GU a week ago. Almost
    700 Kms already!! Kicking myself for waiting so long to buy it!!

  3. Phi Robinson says:

    Probably like many others my dream is to hit the trail with a few mates, camping gear, a few coldies and decent wines n steaks to far a way places, where like minded people can preserve what’s important in life…… Am saving for my outfit- 2013 is my year. will travel up to Kentucky New South Wales Australia and do the deal with Jon.
    More videos guys on the wonders of Ural, simplicity,flexibility and tons of enjoyment!


  4. John S. Heppleston says:

    I have spoken of the URAL since my return for Russia in 1989. I have yet to own one, but it’s coming. A number of people that I have spoken with, over the years have already bought theirs and are loving them. At present I ride my 1974 BMW R90/6 and my present situation allows only 1 machine………………the URAL is coming. :-)

  5. my 2006 patrol is a great ride,here in prince edward county ontario this location is a motorcycle dream esprcially ror the ural.

    • billy says:

      I live near Prince Edward county and am interested in these machines. Any chance of taking a look at yours. Thanks

  6. my 2006 ural patrol is a teriffic machine for riding in prence edward county ontario,this loyalist part of canada lends its self to motorcycles so my machine is well known here in the county,i really enjoyed the ural show in the winter bike is serviced locally by a mechanic who rebulids bmw vintage bikes so he is very happy to look after my ural cheers.

  7. Mark Cross says:

    I’m a tall guy and I love your sidecar bikes , but I’m very concerned about being cramped .

  8. Mike Sisson says:

    Great video! Still haven’t hit any snow but the Gear Up has done well in mud, sand and gravel. Can’t find a more fun bike for back road wandering and camping! You’re everyone’s friend at the end of the day with fully stocked cooler!
    BTW, loved the soundtrack! What was the song?

  9. derek stewart says:

    great video ,i have ural gobi gear up ,have 6300 km on her in last 9 mounts works great

  10. Two Showers says:

    I would love one of these. The UK spec ‘seems’ to be a lower spec than the American. Shame they’re so expensive by the time we get them in the UK. Would love the Dessert Camo 2 wheel drive version. Ah well, I’ll keep dreaming…..

  11. Stanley D. Tott says:

    I am very interested in the Ural Combination.At the moment I own a Chang Jiang Combination (BMW Copy).Now seeing the Ural Video I would like to know the price of a new Ural.Could you please send me all the particulars of this machine,thank you
    Stanley D.Tott
    18070 Glen Road
    Prince George B.C.
    V2N 6S2

  12. Alex says:

    Hi guys! I found this web site and was surprised. I’m from Russia and you can hardly meet bikes like this on the streets here. And it seems like there are more urals in the US now than there are in Russia. (at least US ural web site looks much better and is much more interesting than the Russian one). I love these bikes and want to buy one some day! Are there many people in te US who own URALs?

  13. Tony says:

    Really cool bike.

  14. Steve says:

    Have a ’12 Gear Up….AWESOME!! It’s my sole(soul) transportation, & @ 63, it’s comfortable, even in the Seattle rain.

  15. steve says:

    the best outfit ever go anywhere and everywhere

  16. farrell says:

    I got the patrol to take the grandkids one 4the other 7 riding with the wife and I. The kids are always ready to go with us. We are going to take them to Disneyland next spring.

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