The Quartermaster—ICON 1000 X Ural Project:

A Ural and ICON1000 collaboration was logical enough, two brands that always demand durability, functionality, and rugged individuality from the products they make. For Ural, this is reflected in their workhorse motorcycles. For ICON1000 it is reflected in their collection of premium armored motorcycle apparel and helmets. The challenge was to improve on this fundamental goal while highlighting the best attributes of both brands.

To accomplish this, Ural commissioned ICON to build a bike for their 2013 Spring/Summer ICON1000 collection. ICON has a long history with building truly unique motorcycles to promote their apparel line, but this was the first time a project has been commissioned by a third party manufacturer. The resulting creation is called the Quartermaster—based on the Ural Solo sT, it's a bike designed for enduring the End of Days.

Inspired by rugged Soviet Naval ships, the Quartermaster had many modifications performed by ICON to accomplish the design brief. Extensive frame modifications were performed, including an oversized main spar and a high-clearance sub-frame. Both exemplify the already bullish stance of the bike. An oversized fuel tank and hand formed fenders prepare the Quartermaster for the rigors of a deteriorating infrastructure. Enduro bars and controls, raised for increase ground clearance, along with a full skid plate were fabricated should the road forward turn ugly. Finally, ICON turned to a variety of aftermarket companies known for their quality components to complete the build: PIAA, Progressive Suspension, Burly Brand, Continental tires, and Supertrapp exhausts.

The resulting modifications accentuate Ural's existing reputation as a manufacturer of rugged, all-terrain motorcycles but propel the Quartermaster into an even darker 'Post-Apocalypse' future.

Additional details on the ICON 1000 collection and the Quartermaster can be found on the Icon 1000 website